Power Tools

Power Tools can be essential for tackling home improvement projects both large and small,  And whether you’re a weekend DIYer or a professional contractor, our selection of tools can help you get the job done in less time and and even better results.

With many options to choose from, including corded and cordless tools as well as hundreds of different power tool combo kit options, you may find it hard to decide which is best suited for your needs. Here are some tips to help you in your selection:

  • Choose the right battery voltage. 12V and 18V battery platforms are the most popular and widely available cordless tools. Batteries are not compatible across different brands or platforms, so choose one and stick with it. Also, you should select a voltage (or battery platform) based on the type of work you’ll be doing:

• 12V tools deliver ample power for most common jobs around the house

• 18V tools offer more power and flexibility to tackle jobs small or large

  • Consider a power tool combo kit. Buying a combo kit instead of a bunch of individually priced power tools is a good way to save money and start building a home or business workshop. There are literally dozens of options available, including cordless drill sets, so you can easily select the combination of tools you’ll use most often.

Some tools you should buy with the cord because they typically deplete batteries quickly under continuous use:

  • Circular saws,
  • reciprocating saws,
  • cut-off tools,
  • angle grinders,
  • and other heavy-duty tools.

NOTE: FYI, power tools that use the latest lithium-ion battery and brushless power tool technology deliver more power and longer runtimes.